A culture driving profit… strategic management solutions designed to increase your profitability.

Corporate & business development, commodity purchases and sales, mergers & divestitures are our specialty.

Successful corporate and business development is critical to the sustainability and growth of a corporation.

At Strama, we have the ability to work within your organizations' goals and objectives to develop corporate growth. We identify opportunities, recommend improvements and implement change.

We are members of various associations including AIPN, CMC, PJVA, as well as others.


Strategic Planning

Business Practices 
Return on your investment could be up to 10 to 1

With the history, experience, and knowledge of business practice, we can maximize profitability by looking for opportunities within your organization to reduce costs. Typically, for every dollar spent on our services, clients can see upward of ten dollars or more.

Techniques used to achieve cost recoveries include auditing, streamline and standardization of processes, contract reviews, and due diligence.

You will see the difference in our people!

Strama Consulting Ltd.’s key to success lies in the abilities of our people and the strength of our corporate culture. Strama’s hand picked consultants are multi- disciplinary in their Strama's people teamworkknowledge base with all over 15+ years of experience.

Strama’s philosophy on corporate culture is paramount and transcribes directly to YOUR company’s bottom line.

Our Culture...

Our corporate culture is the heart beat of your success!  Our people have wide-ranging backgrounds that we pull strengths from to achieve success for our clients.  Our goal is to provide professional custom services to each of our clients to realize what they want.

A team that is dedicated to your schedule.

    Our services can include:
  • full-time, part-time, temporary
  • project based
  • day-to-day