Strama Solutions Business Success To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is with sinerity and integrity - Donald A. Adams

Why Strama? Get the glory of an efficient business with Strama.

Mission, Vision & Promise

Our Mission - to embody a customer-centered business. As an independent consulting company we in essence, become an extension of the client. Motivated by our people, our culture and our core principles, it is of utmost importance that no exchange takes place unless all parties benefit. Through these practices and principles, Strama’s main objective is to help organizations succeed and realize their full economic potential.
Our Vision - specialists solving emerging challenges to reduce costs.
Our Promise - we share your challenges and passionately deliver smarter solutions.

Corporate Overview

Since 1998, Strama Consulting Ltd. (“Strama”) was incorporated and has been providing strategic management consulting services in Calgary, Alberta. Our name, Strama, is short for STRAtegic MAnagement and is the essence of our business. Our team of specialists focus in three core business areas:

  • Corporate Business Development
  • Commercial/Joint Venture Operations
  • Commodity Purchases & Sales, Transportation/Transmission and Operations

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With the history and knowledge of business and business practice, Strama applies that knowledge and experience to maximize profitability and reduce expense. Typically, for every dollar spent on our consulting services the client recovers up to ten. We achieve this through a multitude of cost recovery techniques such as due diligence, standardizing, streamlining and ensuring that contractual obligations are accounted for properly.

Strama always acts on behalf of the client as an advisory, independent and objective agent.

Advisory - we provide practical, strategic and commercially sound advice to our clients.

Independent - gives us the ability to consider a wide range of solutions to develop smarter outcomes for our clients.

Objectivity - our team is realistic, non-biased and neutral and this sets us apart when we resolve our client's needs.

Our ultimate goal is our client's needs! We strive to establish a working personal relationship with our clients, fostering mutual regard, respect and trust. Strama uses specialized knowledge to deliver extraordinary outcomes for clients across the full cycle of a project, from concept to completion.

All savings resulting from a Strama solution are 100% retained by our clients.

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Future Direction

At Strama, our experienced team continues to maximize the value outcome for our clients. Our five competencies:

  1. Resources - identifies, organizes, plans and allocates resources.
  2. Interpersonal - works with others.
  3. Information - acquires and evaluates information.
  4. Systems - understands complex interrelationships.
  5. Technology - works with a variety of technologies.

Depending on our client's needs, we can provide strategic advice on any or all stages of a transaction.

We do not simply act on behalf of our clients. Our aim is to mentor our clients to build their knowledge and capability so they are able to continue to drive the momentum of their operations long after the completion of our assignment.