teamwork In the knowledge economy the traditional soft people side of our business has become the new hard side. - Gay Mitchell Executive VP, HR, Royal Bank.

Our People, Our Culture... A corporate culture to envy!

Our People...

Each of our professional team members have over 15 years of experience in the energy industry. Strama draws on the strength and knowledge of our team to deliver extraordinary outcomes for our clients across the full life cycle of a project, from concept and completion. We feature a wide range of skills spanning from finance, accounting, marketing, engineering, management and IT. We work with clients to remove impediments, resolve problems, reduce risk and build their capacity to manage outcomes at every opportunity. 

Strama, our people, our culture and the work that we do, abide by the following set of core values:


Our team is accountable and responsible for our actions. We are conscientious, trustworthy and take pride and ownership of our work. 

Strama is ETHICAL and values INTEGRITY

At Strama, our team strives to establish a working personal relationship with our clients, fostering mutual regard, respect and trust.


Our team is continuously striving to improve our performance and processes. Through our individual commitments, education, experience and teamwork, we consistently exceed our goals! 

Strama welcomes CHANGE

At Strama, our team welcomes change and is striving for continuous improvement. 


We endeavor to be recognized, both internally and externally, as a great place to work; involvement in family and community are honoured and strongly encouraged.

These core principles are the life blood of Strama. They are the catalysts to our participation, our communication and our creativity. Motivated and driven by them, we believe that  Strama provides service unmatched in the industry. We believe that our attitude towards the work we do transcribes directly to the client’s bottom line.

Our actions are our words!

Our Culture...

Corporate CultureStrama’s emphasis on the importance of our corporate culture is further reinforced by the design on our business cards. 

What is the relevance of “culture” in a Strategic Management consulting company? 

We believe that the two are directly related. Our strong sense of corporate culture is directly linked to the bottom line of both our organization and that of our customers.

A company’s culture is a mix of written, and many that are unwritten, morals and codes of behaviour. It reveals an organization’s true internal priorities. The culture encompasses everything that the organization does and everything that it makes. It effects the way in which the organization processes its product and provides services to its customers.

The focus on and respect for our corporate culture is paramount to the way in which we do business. It is also a known fact that corporate culture has a very strong impact on customer satisfaction and the company’s performance. We take corporate culture very seriously!

“Organizational culture and productivity are closely related. Simply stated, productivity is the art of getting the company’s products and/or services to the customer at the lowest possible cost. But it is more than that – it is related to quality, to customer needs and to labour relations. In other words, productivity and good management are inseparable. Productivity is a result of motivation, and motivation thrives in a good climate”

Article: "How beliefs affect culture", appearing in The Canadian Manager Journal of the Canadian Institute of Management.

    Strama achieves and sustains a strong corporate culture by abiding by the following principles:
  • Involves all members of the organization in planning processes and goal setting.
  • We foster the free flow of information internally and externally facilitating decision making.
  • We assume that work should be intrinsically satisfying and the consultants are given the freedom and autonomy they deserve.
  • Encourage calculated risk taking without the threat of repercussion, for the betterment of the organization and the customers we represent. We accept that mistakes do happen and embrace the opportunity to learn from them.
  • Strama side steps hierarchal structures. The leader is seen as “equal among Titans” and task force teams made of consultants from various disciplines are encouraged and utilized often.
  • We are built on a framework that values individual performance and integrity, allowing experimentation that strengthens confidence and ability.
  • We provide opportunities within, to help its people develop to their full potential.
  • Strama offers compensation that is equitable, competitive and related to long and short term performance, on an individual and corporate basis.

Finally and most importantly, Strama appreciates that our customers are the reason for our corporate existence and as such, treats our customers accordingly. We are aware of the dynamic marketplace and is highly responsive to the needs of the customer. We recognizes that our consultants must be treated with the same dignity and respect that we afford to our customers. It is for this reason that our corporate culture is an immense asset that drives us and our people’s performance.

“Culture isn’t something you can put in a department, or something you can have to be an initiative or strategy. Culture is something that is. If you create the optimal environment, it’s something that manifests itself” 
-Don Bell, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Westjet


Strama is our people. Our people are selected for their varied and transitional skill sets. Our people have the skill set and experience in assorted and unusual problem situations that result in efficient resolution. Strama’s consultants are facilitators providing service that is knowledge based and always aimed at serving the best interests of our client base. The Strama team works within three core business groups and each consultant is cross-functional in each of the three: Commodity Marketing, Transportation and Operations, Commercial Joint Venture Services & Corporate Business Development.

Glenn Pomeroy, MBA


Glenn completed his undergrad studies and went on to complement this with an MBA in International Finance from the University of Calgary. With over 25 years of business experience, Glenn has been a senior advisor to various levels of corporations in domestic and international consulting.

His passion for a creative yet analytical approach toward problem solving has earned him a 25-year reputation for quality and service in valuations, project planning and implementation, analytical studies, business plans and market assessments.

Glenn's dedication to clients enables him to deliver practical and effective recommendations within clients' means, which guarantees effective and efficient implementation and measurable results. His practical knowledge and varied leadership experience makes him a valued coach.

He is recognized as a seasoned business development and marketing professional with 10 years experience in launching new businesses and securing customers for start-up companies through to mature businesses.

Virginia Vizina

Manager, Planning & Human Resources

Virginia offers customers over 20 + years of hands on experience in the commodity and human resources sectors. Virginia’s management experience developing simple solutions from complex multi-dimensional problems and project management acumen facilitates positive results. Effective at building relationships with internal and external stakeholders, she is valued for her calm and professional approach to problem solving.








Mike Palmer

Manager, Business Development

Mike's passion for an analytical approach toward problem solving has earned him a 15 + year reputation for quality and service in valuations and analytical studies within Strama’s collateral business lines. Mike’s dedication to clients enables him to deliver practical and effective recommendations within clients’ means, which guarantees effective and efficient implementation and measurable results.








Alison Pomeroy

Manager Accounting

Alison brings a wealth of experience in Accounting across a wide spectrum of roles including; business analysis, project management, quality assurance and training. As an effective participant with the Strama group, Alison has developed a broad business background in a variety of sectors including oil and gas and management consulting. Alison has an innate ability to understand and solve complex business problems and applying that to her accounting function. Combining an analytical nature with superior interpersonal skills allows her to successfully build relationships, and provide clarity in stressful environments with detailed, timely, client-focused solutions.






Kathy Artzen

Technology Manager

Kathy's attention to detail in her approach to technology challenges enhances her abilities to resolve complex problems. As a key member of our staff, she manages all aspects of our technology software and licensing.









Michelle Jones

MA Business Analyst

Michelle’s fresh approach to complex problems rounds out the team with 5 years of experience. Michelle’s endless energy supports all groups within Strama. Michelle’s strong interpersonal skills coupled with her commitment to working effectively in a team environment, makes her a highly valued contributor. Michelle’s passion for problem solving paired with her experience has provided her with a strong skill set of distilling and synthesizing technical information and applying this knowledge to big picture solutions.