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Strama Commercial Joint Ventures Tailored to your Business Needs.

Commercial Joint Venture Relations

Strama offers a full range of commercial joint venture services which are tailored to suit the client’s needs at each and every stage of its growth.  We specialize in enhancing partner communication that in turn facilitates business in a cooperative manner.

Joint Venture Services:

    Joint Venture Representative
  • Monitor and proactively provide all aspects of business relating to non-operated assets, including the technical aspects.
  • Prepare annual operated and non-operated budgets and monitor the performance of each.
  • Initiation and review of fee structures relating to joint venture agreements.
  • Negotiate, implement and/or review joint venture agreements.
  • Aid in the development of a property management strategy (acquisitions, divestitures, voting, etc.)
  • Model economics of project based investments.
  • Work closely with internal groups including business managers; operations; engineers/geologists; field staff; land; accounting; marketing.
  • Participate in area reviews to identify and resolve joint venture issues with a focus on cost recoveries.