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Strama Consulting Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners

With both history and reputation in the oil and gas industry in Calgary, Strama has collaborated with a multitude of organizations. These relationships have provided for opportunities of mutual benefit and shared competencies. Strama’s intrinsic belief and practice in altruistic relations create value in enhancing networks and supporting each other in business.

In particular, Strama Consulting Ltd. partnered with two companies to provide increased consulting services to our client base:

  1. A.P. Accounting Ltd.
  2. Kaleut Strategies Inc.

A.P. Accounting Ltd.

A.P. Accounting Ltd. is a firm in Calgary that specializes in the critical and deadline driven industry of accounting. This team is cross-functional in their accounting disciplines (such as financial, operational accounting and joint venture accounting) and are experts in facilitating cross-departmental communication of your market segment within your organization.

They specializes in treasury, accounts receivable, accounts payable, international financial reporting standards “IFRS”, salaries and benefits, budgeting, AFE & capital accounting, government reporting and annual shareholder reporting.

Kaleut Strategies Inc.

Kaleut Strategies Inc. provides accounting management consulting services, focusing on processes, netback and recoveries. Kaleut’s dedicated and qualified professionals are experts in solutions that increase net revenue for their clients. Visit for more information.