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Commodity Marketing and Transportation

    Commodities that Strama
    markets include:
  • Crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGL’s), frac fluids, and sulphur
  • Power
    Marketing services that Strama provides include:
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Portfolio design
  • Risk and reward analysis
  • Market identification and evaluation
  • Market fundamentals
  • Negotiation and editing of contracts
  • Purchase and sales agreement, physical and financial
  • Hedging strategies
  • Credit risk assessment
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Operations – gas control, scheduling and tracking
  • Administration – invoice and statement verification
  • Management reporting

Commodity Marketing, Transportation and Operations

Strama offers a broad range of services which are tailored to match the specific marketing, transportation and operational needs of the client.

Our marketing services are independent and advisory in nature. Because of this, we act on behalf of the client and all and sales revenue savings flow back 100% to the client.

Our multi-disciplinary approach and thorough understanding of the upstream, midstream and downstream market are critical for success in this dynamic and volatile business of commodity marketing.

We work closely with the client, in a customized and individualized manner, determining and evaluating which factors are most important to the client’s business needs.


Our team of marketing specialists offers insight into a variety transportation options for your commodities.  We look for synergies to reduce unutilized transportation costs and look for creative solutions to maximize our client’s netbacks. These savings are retained by the client 100%.


Strama’s goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service and support when dealing with gas control, scheduling and trucking. Our team communicates with the pipelines, field staff and operations to ensure a seamless flow of our client’s commodities. We provide weekend operations management and emergency 24 hour support.

Depending on your needs, Strama provides full time, part time, temporary, project based, day to day, and/or weekend services.